For support group leaders - NSW

For Carer Support Group Leaders

If you facilitate or are planning to start a support group, we have a number of courses to develop your skills and provide an opportunity to meet other leaders in your area.

Our courses can help you get the best out of your group while developing your knowledge and skills as an effective carer support group leader.

Introduction to group leadership

This comprehensive two day workshop is designed to meet your needs as a new carer support group leader or to refresh the skills of an experienced leader. This workshop provides an introduction to initiating and running a support group for carers of people with dementia. It includes both theoretical components and the opportunity to engage in practical exercises for skill development. 

Topics include:

  • Setting up a group from scratch
  • Working with group guidelines
  • Icebreakers 
  • Dealing with challenging situations
  • How to keep people engaged, connected and coming back
  • Phases of group development
  • How to start and finish a group and what happens in-between
  • Evaluating your program 
  • Self care for group leaders

Advanced group leadership

If you are already facilitating a group, this one day workshop will give you the opportunity to develop and strengthen your leadership skills.

Topics include:

  • Balancing group tasks with the welfare of its members
  • Using strategic questions to deepen the group experience
  • Dealing with challenging situations and topics in a group
  • Managing group interaction and dynamics
  • Maintaining yourself as a leader 

Loss and grief in a dementia carer support group

This workshop will help you gain confidence to manage the complex emotional issues arising in your group from the impact of ongoing changes for both the carer and the person living with dementia. 

Topics include:

  • Types of loss experienced over the life span
  • Reactions and effects of loss and grief on the caring journey
  • Models of grief
  • Introducing the topic and working with grief in your carer support group
  • Common anxieties for group leaders and how to care for yourself

Support Group leaders' forums

The Forums are for current carer group leaders to continue their professional development through education, networking and supporting each other as peers.  There will be one Support Group Leaders’ Forums scheduled for 2016.

Promoting Resilience in Carer Support Groups

By attending this Forum you will:

  • Learn how to define resilience and why it is important.
  • The biology of resilience.
  • What factors contribute to resilience
  • Strategies to identify and encourage resilient behaviour
  • How to plan a session on resilience in a carer support group.

Facilitating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Yarning Circles

Would you like culturally appropriate group skills to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?  Would your community benefit from regular gatherings to yarn about ways to share the care of a person with dementia?

Whether you are new to working with groups or looking to expand your current knowledge and skills, this program is designed to assist you to:

  • Plan and facilitate regular yarning circles for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who care for a person with dementia in their home or community
  • Keep people interested, informed and culturally connected
  • Provide practical tools to administer your gatherings
  • Remain connected to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs


For our Best Practice Guidelines manual for Dementia care support groups please click here