Younger onset dementia services in the community

There are a number of Planned Activity Groups (PAGs) and support services running in the community throughout the year for people with younger onset dementia and their carers. Browse the selection below to find a group or service in your local area.


Doveton Neighbourhood Learning Centre - Planned Activity Group

Service description: Monday, Thursday and Friday social outing and activity groups for people living with a brain injury, dementia, social isolation or are in need of companionship and support.

Eligibility Criteria: Adults residing in the South Eastern Region who may benefit from attending a planned social activity group.

Contact person: Paul Correia

Contact details: Tel: 03 9791 1449 | Email: | Web:

Caladenia Dementia Care

Service description: Caladenia provides social and activity programs for people living with dementia. Caladenia does not provide a specific group for people under 65 years. We recognise that all people living with dementia have different skills and interests and are at different stages. We chat to people individually and work together to choose the days and activities that best suit them. If we do not provide the type of group or activity you are looking for, we can most certainly let you know about other services and agencies in the Yarra Ranges. 

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must have a diagnosis of dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). This service is for residents of the Shire of Yarra Ranges and bordering municipalities by agreement. 

Contact Person: Sarah Yates

Contact Details: Tel: 03 9727 2222 | Email: | Web: | Facebook:

EACH Killara House Day Activity Centre

Service Description: Killara House Ringwood is a welcoming and inclusive home-like centre that offers social, recreation, and leisure activities for people living with memory loss challenges. Working with participants to create programs that reflect the interests and preferences of our participants our hours are Monday – Friday 9.30am to 3pm. Programs include bus outings and in-house activities with lunch and refreshments provided.
Fees vary according to activity or excursion but are typically between $10 and $20 per day. Over 65 years - Participants who are registered with My Aged Care are eligible for the subsidised rate through Government funding. Under 65 years are HACC eligible.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Diagnosis of Dementia Physically able to board the bus and walk reasonable distances
  • Must have a carer
  • HACC eligible
  • Physically able to board bus easily and walk reasonable distances
  • Continent
  • Friday program: Under 65 years old
  • Tuesday program: Clients that reside in the City of Whitehorse given priority

Contact Person: Killara Staff and Facilitator Sally Rohrich

Contact Details: Phone 98712644, Email:

Nillumbik Health - Planned Activity Group: Early Onset Dementia Group

Service description: A Planned Activity Group for people under 65 years with Early Onset Dementia.

When: Each Wednesday

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm (transport is outside of these hours)

Transport: Provided (limited area)

Activities: This is an Out and About group visiting attractions within the local community and metropolitan areas of Melbourne. Activities will be negotiated with all participants at a bi-monthly meeting.

Cost: $12 per session plus entry cost to attractions.

Carer Support Group: Carers meeting runs the last Friday of the month for carers to come and socialise with other carers to raise any issues or concerns within a friendly environment. Please contact 03 9430 9125 to attend the Carers Group.

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals under 65 years with a diagnosis of Early Onset Dementia, low care.

Contact Person: Service Coordination team at Nillumbik Health

Contact Details: Tel: 03 9430 9100

Banksia Younger Onset Dementia Group

Service description: We aim to provide a program which enables people with younger onset dementia to live a life of value. The focus of the group is to identify what a valued life looks like for each person and support them to achieve that.

Our Younger Onset Dementia Group is a weekly Day Program. The group supports people to learn new skills, maintain social connections and participate in meaningful activities. We also offer support for relatives and friends of people with younger onset dementia.

We offer the following activities: gardening, sport and recreational activities, community outings, short courses, music, art groups, iPad sessions, reading groups, exercise and fitness classes, as well as information and resources provided about younger onset dementia. 

We are interested in finding out how a person with younger onset dementia would like their life to be. What are the things they like to do?

Our services focus on the person and how each individual wants to live a valued life.

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must have a diagnosis of dementia, be 65 years or under and reside within the local Council areas of Frankston, Casey, Kingston and the Mornington Peninsula.

Contact Person: Program Coordinator Kylie Levett Tel: 03 8781 4251 or Team Leader Michael Greenfield Tel: 03 8781 4250

For further information please contact 1300 147 147


Service description: Wednesday Planned Activity Group for younger onset clients. The group has a range of activities including outings, craft and exercises. All activities are based on client choice and interests.

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must be 64 years or under and have a diagnosis of a neurological condition that impacts on their lifestyle. Participants must reside within the City of Moreland. Out of area referrals will be accepted, however participants will need to provide their own transport.

Contact Person: Rhonda Crisp Tel: 03 9304 9203 Email: or Sue Findlay Tel: 03 9386 3575 Email:

Central Bayside Community Health Service: Give it a go

Service description: A weekly outing group for up to 8 people. Outings to venues of interest to participants including lunch and transport. The program offers respite and support to carers and assistance to access further services as required.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Has a diagnosis of dementia inthe early stage
  • Aged under 70 and is fit and active
  • Has a carer who would benefit from respite
  • Living in Kingston, Bayside Glen Eira, Port Phillip or Stonnington and Carer lives within this area also

Contact Person: Coordinator, Flexible Respite Program Tel: 03 9212 3008 or SPAS Team Leader, Central Bayside Community Health Service Tel: 03 8587 0200

Contact Details: Team Leader, Central Bayside Planned Activity Groups, 31 Venice St, Mentone Vic 3194. Tel: 03 9581 8500 | Fax: 03 9581 8510 | Email:

Eyres House Planned Activity Group - Dementia Care

Service description: The Eyres House Programs provide opportunities for younger adults with dementia to participate in activities designed to stimulate and sustain personal strengths and to maintain social interaction and community participation.

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must have a confirmed diagnosis of dementia.

Contact Person: Jan Stewart, Manager Tel: 03 5320 3563 or June Forrester, Coordinator Tel: 03 5332 4720 or Carol Muller, Respite Coordinator Tel: 03 5332 4720

Younger Onset Dementia Peer Support Group

Service description: Younger Onset Dementia Peer Support Group meets bi-monthly at CarerLinks North. This group provides an opportunity for carers to connect with those who share similar experiences and to gain support and strength from each other. At alternate meetings, guest speakers present on a range of topics of interest as identified by carers. Respite can be arranged to assist the carer to attend and assistance with transport may be provided.

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must be a carer of a person with younger onset dementia or have a diagnosis of dementia prior to the age of 65. Carer must live in the Moreland, Darebin, Yarra, Banyule Nillumbik, Hume, or Whittlesea Local Government areas.

Contact Person: Anna Civitico, Community Development Worker, Aged Program

Contact Details: Tel: 03 9495 2548 | Email:

Maranoa Younger Onset Outing

Service description: An outing every Thursday from 9:30am - 3:30pm to a place of interest. Morning tea and Lunch included. Meet at Maranoa House, 10 Faversham Road, Cantebury

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must have a diagnosis of dementia under the age of 65 and live within the Eastern Metropolitan region.

Contact Person: Faye Drummond

Contact Details: Tel: 03 8809 4979 | Address: 10 Faversham Road, Cantebury Vic 3126

Younger Onset Dementia Transit Outing (Uniting AgeWell)

Service description: Car outing every Wednesday from 9:30am - 2:30pm. Exercise program at Strathdon Gym (exercise assessment required prior to starting the program), followed by morning tea, lunch and other activites as mutually decided by the group.

Eligibility Criteria: Participants must have a diagnosis of dementia under the age of 65 and be independant with toileting, eating and have no severe behavioural issues. Participants must also reside in the Whitehorse, Manningham or Monash regions (other areas negotiable) and be able to cooperate and function within a small group situation.

Contact Person:

NRCP Eastern Metro Office: 9845 3143

Southern Metropolitan Office: 9554 0719

Contact Details: Coordinator Tel: 03 9845 3113

Monash Health: Give it a go

Service description: Give it a go is a group program of activities for a maximum of 8 participants. Give it a go provides a positive introduction to activity services. The program runs over a period of 12 to 18 months. It acts as a transitional program to encourage participation in other activity services on an ongoing basis. The program runs on Wednesdays from 9am to 3pm. The cost is $5 per day. Occasionally there will are additional costs for special outings or activities. The activities are run by 2 trained staff who are experienced in working with people with dementia.Transport is provided.

Eligibility Criteria:  Give it a go offers programs for:

  • People with the early stages of dementia who are younger and physically active
  • People who are living at home and have a carer who would benefit from the respite
  • People for whom other activities or respite services are not appropriate.

The programs are available to people who live in these areas:

  • Dandenong
  • Casey 
  • Cardinia

Contact Details: Give it a go is part of Community Support Options. To discuss the program further, please call Intake on 9792 7579.

For general enquiries about Community Support Options please call 9792 7579. Please fax referrals to 8558 9190 or visit