Insights into the Hospital Dementia Experience

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Insights into the Hospital Dementia Experience

This experiential workshop has been specifically designed to assist staff working in a hospital or Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) setting

The workshop has been developed with funding from The Department of Social Services and provides an insight into what it can be like for people with dementia and the impact for them within these settings

During the 2016 trial period, 211 staff participated in 18 workshops across nine hospital and MPS sites in NSW. The evaluation demonstrated that staff gained greater empathy for people with dementia who were admitted into their care. The vast majority of participants claimed an improved confidence in communicating with a person with dementia, leading to many positive changes to their daily practices and increased job satisfaction.

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This workshop is constructed to be delivered by two health employed facilitators who are experienced in delivering education to hospital/Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) staff, to a maximum of 20 participants. Facilitators need an in-depth knowledge of dementia and experience in group based debriefing.

It is recommended facilitators also have prior experience of co-facilitating or at least participating in this workshop or similar experiential workshops, such as the Experiencing Dementia run by Dementia Australia in some states and territories.

This workshop can be a very confronting experience for the participants and has been known to trigger a variety of responses and strong emotions that can be stressful for both the participants and the facilitators

While most workshops have been delivered to clinical staff, several workshops have included administrative, catering, housekeeping and maintenance staff. The workshop is relevant to anyone who provides care to a person with dementia who is spending time in a hospital or MPS.

The workshop can be delivered in either a 2-hour or 3-hour module, depending on the number of participants, and lessons plans are provided for both. The Facilitator Guide lists equipment and recommended ‘props’, most of which can be found in the hospital setting, or are provided in the workshop toolkit.

This workshop does not provide education about dementia, its causes, pathology or treatment. The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to feel what it could be like to be a patient with dementia in the hospital/MPS setting. If information is required about dementia as a disease this can be provided through an additional workshop or by asking participants to undertake some pre-reading. Links are provided in the workshop kit to a range of pre-reading options.

Hospital/MPS educators wishing to facilitate the workshop can obtain the full toolkit by completing the application form below.

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