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Dementia Discussion Papers
Dying Well - Improving palliative and end of life care for people with dementia


Paper Number 43
Palliative Care and Dementia


Paper Number 42
Caring for someone with dementia: the economic, social, and health impacts of caring and evidence based supports for carers


Paper Number 41
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and dementia: a review of the research

Paper Number 40
Dementia care in the acute hospital setting: issues and strategies

Paper Number 39
Is the incidence of dementia declining?

Paper Number 38
The use of restraint and psychotropic medication in people with dementia


Paper Number 37
Quality of Residential Aged Care: The Consumer Perspective

Paper Number 36
Physical activity for brain health and fighting dementia

Paper Number 35
Dementia Care: Person-centred, palliative and supportive

Paper Number 34
Wrestling with dementia and death

Paper Number 33
Respite review - Policy Paper

Paper Number 32
Cognitive Impairment Symbol: Creating Dementia Friendly Organisations

Paper Number 31
Dementia Friendly Societies: The Way Forward


Paper Number 30
Modelling the Impact of Interventions to Delay the Onset of Dementia in Australia

Paper Number 29
Targeting Brain, Body and Heart for cognitive health and dementia prevention

Paper Number 28
Exploring Dementia and Stigma Beliefs

Paper Number 27
Alzheimers Organisations as Agents of Change

Paper Number 26
Evaluation of NHMRC Data on the Funding of Dementia Research in Australia


Paper Number 25
National Strategies to Address Dementia

Paper Number 24 
Timely Diagnosis of Dementia: Can we do better?

Paper Number 23 Part 2 
(Prof Colleen Cartwright can be contacted on: ASLaRC Aged Services Unit, Southern Cross University, or by visiting
Planning for the End of Life for People with Dementia Part 2

Paper Number 23 Part 1 
(Prof Colleen Cartwright can be contacted on: ASLaRC Aged Services Unit, Southern Cross University, or by visiting
Planning for the End of Life for People with Dementia Part 1


Paper Number 22 
Consumer involvement in dementia research: Dementia Australia’s Consumer Dementia Research Network

Media release - Australians affected by dementia to drive priorities in dementia services and research

Paper Number 21
Towards a National dementia preventative health strategy - Full report

Media Release - Invest in preventative health to combat dementia epidemic

Paper Number 20
Ethical issues and decision-making in dementia care

Paper Number 19
Dementia: evolution or revolution


Paper Number 18 
Dementia: Facing the Epidemic - presentation by Professor Constantine Lyketsos at the National Press Club, Canberra

Paper Number 17 
Respite care for people living with dementia: "It's more than just a short break"

Letter to Justine Elliot MP, Minister for Ageing

Paper Number 16 
Australian Dementia Research: current status, future directions?

Paper Number 15 (updated November, 2009)
Dementia: Lesbians and Gay Men

Paper Number 14 
Dementia risk reduction: What do Australians know?


Paper Number 13

Dementia risk reduction : The evidence

Paper Number 12

Dementia: A major problem for indigenous people

Paper Number 11

Consumer-Directed Care: A way to empower consumers?

Paper Number 10 
Early diagnosis of dementia


Paper Number 9 
100 Years of Alzheimer's Disease

Paper Number 8 
Decision making in advance

Paper Number 7 
Palliative care and dementia - Cover

Palliative care and dementia - Discussion paper


Paper Number 6
Dementia : Can it be prevented?

This paper has been superseded by Paper No. 13 - Dementia risk reduction : The evidence.

Paper Number 5 
Legal planning and dementia

Paper Number 4 (updated October 2014) 
Dementia friendly language


Paper Number 3 
Dementia care and the built environment


Paper Number 2 
Quality Dementia Care


Paper Number 1 
Dementia : A major health problem for Australia