Support groups - NSW

Support groups give you an opportunity to meet with others in a similar situation to share experiences, learn new ideas for skills for living with dementia and engaging in mutual problem solving.

What happens at a support group meeting?

Support groups generally meet monthly for about two hours at a local venue. They can have an informal, social focus or be more structured with an aim to educate and inform.  The groups work to foster a friendly environment where there is laughter and camaraderie as well as learning. You can choose how much you talk about your own experiences and differing opinions are always encouraged.

Who can attend?

There are over 200 Support Groups in New South Wales and many of them are dementia specific. All groups welcome anyone caring for a person with dementia or family members and friends of someone with dementia. In some areas there are specialist groups, for example, multicultural carers, male carers and adult children of people with dementia. 

How do I get more information?

To make contact with a support group, or for more information, call the National Dementia Helpline on
1800 100 500.